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3D gaming causes everything a a screen to look slightly 3D?!

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I have been playing 3D on the VG278H and it has the best 3D I've ever seen! I played t for about 4 hours and now every screen I look at on my iPhone looks slightly 3D to me for about an hour afterward, I'm not sure if it's my brain trying to normalize or something but it's pretty darn cool, has anyone else had this happen?? it's a very cool effect
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Cross post copy paste from another thread but this my explain a bit the phenomenon you're experiencing.
Originally Posted by FranBunnyFFXII View Post

I'll be honest, I haven't actually seen 3Dvision in PC game. I had the 3DS, and I've been to 3D movies, and by the end of the movies I was ready to leave and couldn't enjoy the movie because the 3D just got in the way of the film.
I never had my 3DS on 3Dmode either. nothing 3D ever got me into it.

But it could be because of my eyes.
I have 20/11 visual acuity with an estimated 8x color sensitivity as compared to a "normal" person with 20/20 vision. I have approximately 10 degree's extra periferiferal vision range over a normal person as well.
In short I possess eyes that are amoung the most powerful and potent a human being can possibly have.

So for me personally, and as with most people. larger, wider viewing angles are far more immersive that anything that a standard 16:9 3D vision monitor could produce.

The biggest problem with 3D of any sort is that the way its being presented is an issue with the technology, the human eye wasn't developed to see 3d in the way that we are trying to replicate it.
the human eye doesn't see 3D, it sees 2 different view points that are reconstructed in the brain. The problem is that we are trying to do just this, but the view point were looking at is 2 different images on the same flat space.

We don't see the spacial depth when its reproduced on a LED screen. For many people this leaves the experience lack luster and it doesn't seem to add more immersion as it does more or less a distraction.
PC Games do 3D much better than a flat rendered 3d movie or the 3DS's prism screen, but still 3D can't be as immersive as large viewing angles until we find some way to imput that sense of 3d space that the eyes see, but don't get from a flat image on a screen.
Its an issue with the actual technology not synergizing with the way the human biology works. Its close, it probably looks great. But I personally failed to really grasp it as being anything more than a pretty gimmick to eat up GPU usage.

Where as the human eye is already predispositioned to see large viewing angles, as are all binocular animals, and easily determine spacial distances even in 2d images.
So Eyefinity set ups are easily immersive because of how much of a viewing angle they fill up without putting something on your head.
Plus surround set ups, especially AMD side of things, use significantly less GPU power to full up those pixel renders, because its simply extending the resolution higher, rather than rendering the view twice from two different angles and relaying them back at 120hz,
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