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To All,

I'm quite new actually of overclocking (never done it before) so i'm not too familiar with some the the jargon however, i would love if i can get some support, help and advice on how to overclock my CPU. Attached is my CPU specs from CPUZ, Essentially i would like to get at least ~3.2Ghz from overclocking if not more. If someone has already done this before then a link or whatever to that source of information would be greatly appreciated. (I've already looked around the forums and it seems to be a stable overclocked CPU for everything by my E6500.


P.s. I did say that i was new to this so if i have to do this myself through trial and error, could you please put a detailed step by step guide with minimal jargon in it please.

XPMICRO-PC2.txt 86k .txt file