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Auto 3.3Ghz

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Hey guys,

I have been trying to OC my CPU for a while now(over 6 hours) but no matter what combination of settings,voltage, everything. It resets to 3.3Ghz(specifically 100.29 x 33.0), the system doesn't fail due to bad OC because if it did, it would tell me when I entered BIOS. I used to have Easy Tune installed but it never worked, it always crashed when I changed profiles so I uninstalled it quite a while ago. Is it possible that there's a little remnant left? Or..what's causing my CPU to set itself whenever windows boots.

There's also the fact that the BIOS settings remain unchanged after a restart and the voltage seems to keep(the temps in full load are 72*C with 3.3Ghz) but if I reset everything to default in BIOS, on the same 3.3Ghz the temps are holding at 50*C. So I'm considering a display issue.

Awaiting ideas.
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Open up the RealTemp - Options window and make sure that Disable Turbo is NOT checked.

Intel CPUs need to use the Turbo Boost feature internally when going beyond the default multiplier. Some bios versions confuse this issue. When selecting a higher multiplier, they enable Turbo Boost in the background. RealTemp will check all of the ways Turbo Boost can be enabled or disabled and will set all registers appropriately.

RealTemp T|I Edition
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Solved, thank you unclewebb. +REP'd.
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