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I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my new rig. I have two Samsung 840 Pro's 256GB and want to set them up in RAID 0. I went to the bios and set the drives in Raid mode, then went to the Matrix controller (CTRL + I at boot) and made the RAID 0 configuration. All is well. However, once I am actually installing Windows, it will not recognize any hard drive in my PC, neither my raid configuration nor my 1TB HDD. I know I need to load the Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise driver when I can choose a disk to install Win7 onto, and I've done that, but nothing shows up. I've tried a bunch of different drivers, up to a point I am unsure which driver I should use. Fairly annoyed at this point, I want to get my PC up and running asap for the BF3 double XP weekend event! Can anyone help me out?