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Hello there and to all, firts sorry if my english is not perfect tongue.gif, i come here by suggestions of reviews, other forums and because here are one of the best comunity of overclock, i'm finding some help about an XFX 7950 DD FX-795A-TDFC, i buy it from Amazon, expecting it, it will take some weeks so, i have time to prepare and learn, i want to OC that baby i see and review that this card have a little boost 100 mhz from the core default 800 mhz, i have see from the people of Vortez that they boost the clock to 1100 mhz and 1500 mhz the memory (,9.html) but i want to know if i can go with that OC with CCC utility i'm not interest in a BIG OC but at least 1050 mhz can be nice so i want to know if i can do it with CCC or if i need to do something else or other things and if i put the core to 1050 mhz, what memory speed i should put, and in CCC what means power +/- in terms of 20%, thanks in advance, greetings and hugs from Venezuela to all the comunity members and staff smile.gif