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I've been waiting for a LONG time for a real online TCG to be made, that is a Trading Card Game. But when the magic the gathering game came out I never really gave it a shot because I had no idea really what to expect and after playing their demo I had completely lost interest in it, because it really lacked any hook for me personal, because it was simply a card game and something I wouldn't feel really interested in playing much because I was already playing MMORPGs.

However the creaters of a few successful card games have gone and desided to do a full on digital TCG but this time with more than just a TCG, it has MMORPG elements mixed in along with classic TCG aspects and ideas.
I'm totally on board with this, as it seems exactly the kinda game that I've been wanting to create since I was a teenager first starting out playing MMOs.

Their kickstarter Is still going on and is fullyfunded, but their Kickstarter backer rewards are obsurdly generous, and me being a stingy high brown, elistist MMO player(who has made a name for her self amoung the kMMO scene), is legitimately stoked to see this game.

I've backed the game with a 120$ for their king teir rewards. I'm abit nervous doing this, but im pretty confident this will be a new high popularity branch of mmos/online gaming if its done right.

I wonder if anyone else is planning on backing/playing HEX when it comes out, or what not. I'd love to start a dedicated thread to the game.
I'll be doing Beta coverage on my youtube for the game, and might need some help.

Its planned on a September beta run.

I have a few personal concerns about the game myself and that's the free to player limitations. I understand though that this is a digital version of a card game that you'd need to buy real life cards for if it were a real life game, and i'm concerned about how this will be taken. I;m hoping to see a fully playable experience for free players and so much the better if they can do that, but im a bit expecting this to be a free registration and download with a "free samples" idea for their free players, but will be managed like a real life card game just with a digital interface.

My 2nd concern is about PVP and if theyre going to have full on ranked/soloQ sort of thigns, with a competitive ELO ranking or something like that, but I'm also curious how they are going to manage a the PVE side of things.

My final concern is actually population. the game only has 7500+ backers, which is really low for its donated player kickstarter fund count.
this game could be great but it will be broken without a lot of players, and I'm hoping a lot of people will jump on board for this game, id like to see it succeed.

Here's their kick starter if you'd like to check it out

This is what I personally paid for. wondering if anyone else is up for this kinda game.