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Questions regarding sensors

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Hi everyone, sorry to sound stupid but I really just want better understandings of the devices we use on a daily basis

Optical uses LED and Laser uses infrared sensor, correct?

I was looking at some mice and saw one of the DeathAdder editions with the words "3.5G infrared sensor". I don't really understand what this means.
I thought all the DeathAdders use optical sensors but Infrared = Laser? Right?

I have a CM Storm Spawn and a Roccat Savu , both these mice use the A3090 sensor but why does my Spawn's sensor emit a red light (at the bottom of the mouse) while my Savu's sensor doesn't? Is it because of the internal components in the mouse or do I have a dud Savu?

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Infrared is just the "colour" of the light the lightsource is emitting(in this case a LED), for cmos led sensors it can be either red or infrared, regardless of the visibility for the human eye its still just a LED.

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