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The PERC 6 controllers don't do JBOD mode, so UnRAID won't see the individual disks. They are a pain in that regard. Also, they are RAID controllers. tongue.gif Do you know if the LSI SAS1068 chip supports SAS expanders?

Yeah, I completely spaced when I said why RAID controllers and not a PERC, lol.

I didn't realize the 6e couldn't do JBOD either.
LSISAS1068E SAS based controllers are guarenteed to work with LSI SAS Expanders (Chenbro, for example). It may or may not work with the HP SAS Expander, but I would expect it to. The Intel also uses a LSI chip (I think), so that should work as well.

As long as the controller and expander both support the SAS standard, it should work. A SAS Expander is basically a switch.