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I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I haven't seen this before with my 690. I've had the card since last July. Recently, I noticed that my fan was revving up really high (70% constant speed) and the temps were staying at 85 Celsius when playing Bioshock Infinite. Note that this is with default settings and no overclock whatsoever on the GPU. Everything in Precision X is set to default and I'm getting 85 with 70% fan speed. The weird thing is that the numbers for the temp and fan speed are staying the same the whole time. This is a recent install of W7 (about 2 weeks or so ago). Everything else is fine but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the temps so high. Also worth noting is that the clock speed stays at the base clock in precision x rather than the usual downclock to 3xx mhz. Maybe my install of precision x is bad? I may try uninstalling it and run the valley benchmark to see temps there. :-/

Edit: It seems that the clock stays at the base clock when an internet browser is open due to hardware acceleration. Maybe I'm just being paranoid about the whole thing. XD
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