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Possible hard drive failure? Help!

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Hello, I have a Sager 8130 purchased around 2 years ago. About a month ago, I was patching League of Legends and it would get stuck at a certain point. At that point, my whole computer would start freezing up and then going to normal speed, then freezing up again. I would restart my computer, and it would return to normal, but as soon as I opened up League again, it would slow down. I assumed this was a problem with the game so I reinstalled League and my computer was back to normal.

However, today, I started up League and my computer started to slow down again. Not wanting to deal with reinstalling at the moment, I restarted my computer and just browsed. However, I was a little curious so I looked up some stuff about hard drive failure. I noticed that even though I restarted, google chrome was a little slow. My settings, such as facebook and twitter, were reset as well, and I had to manually log in. Then I went to run a scan on my computer, as well as disc defragmenting it. My computer started to slow down again.

Are these early signs of hard drive failure? What should I do from here? Any and all input is appreciated.

^Above is what I posted to a message board. In response, I got a suggestion to run HD Tune. So, I downloaded the program and ran it. The first benchmark test I ran looked like this

Benchmark 1 256k .png file

Also, this is the health section:

Health 244k .png file

I also tried to run a second benchmark test, but an error came up saying "Read error. Aborted!" or something like that. At this point, I'm assuming it's early signs of hard drive failure, but I have no idea how to interpret the graph or the health section. If anyone could give some insight, that would be great.

Also, where should I go from here? Just buy a new hard drive and replace it? Would that be the cheapest option? Is that fairly easy for a newb to do? I've done stuff like applying thermal paste and other really basic stuff like that, would this be easy enough for me to do? Thanks!
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hard drives don't get measurably slower with age, they can get worn mechanically, and they can get occasional bad sectors, but either they work for decades or they fail.

You also mentioned some apps were reset ? Trojan, virus ?

If the operating system has been on there since you got it and has not been reinstalled, now is good time to do it! It will feel snappier after thumb.gif
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So from the graphs it looks like it's not hard drive failure? And I've recently got an external hard drive, a WD My Passport. Should I just back up my computer to that then reinstall Windows 7?
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back up your docs, i.e pics, films etc, but not software! Then reinstall Windows 7 thumb.gif
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Ah..so I would have to reinstall everything?
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And sorry, you didn't say but is the hard drive still in decent condition then? In the health section, it said warning and failing for a couple of the things though...thanks for the help!
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When you completed the fresh install and your most needed apps, do a win7 backup - image file and after it will prompt you to make a system repair disc, do that as well. You could backup to the same drive or to a separate drive which is better.

This enables you to put your system and other progs back to the time you backed it up - so much quicker at a later date if you run into problems again thumb.gif
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If you are getting messages about the health of your drive then you need another hard drive redface.gif
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reload windows and see what happens, it will format the drive and will reload without using the bad sectors - you got nothing to lose thumb.gif
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