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its the sharpness setting. not all monitors sharpness settings created equal. some don't even have it, some only let u adjust in increments of 10 percent. every monitor i buy, i always check this. u want a faint white edge (like unsharp mask in photoshop) around ur text to make it look super crisp and not blurry/murky.

i'm developing a linux ubuntu sharpening overlay for entire desktop to solve this issue.
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I think you're on to something with the sharpness, when I lowered it, it was much more relaxing. Though anything lower than the default and the text looks like crap, even after adjusting cleartype.

I pulled one of them out of the box to fool around with it again. I think one guy said it right, some of these things are great for TVs at a far away distance, but for many hours a day in the computer it's just too much. These things are too damn vibrant. Lowering the contrast or brightness in any ratios/amounts and everything just looks wrong.

Ah well. I'm sticking with Non-LED for pc monitors
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i Actually prefer to set the sharpness to just a tad above the default in order to give text that extra crisp look.
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Its probably PWM or Pulse Width Modulation - take a pencil or even your finger and quickly wave it in front of your screen - if you see a strobe light effect, this could be your problem.

To fix it turn the Brightnesson the monitor to 100%, this will kill the flicker - if its too bright, you can lower it via software CCC or Nvidia Control Panel - only down side is that you lose a bit of image quality.

Bias lightining helps with this as well...or just have a lamp on to reduce eye strain. I have the Antec Bias Lighting kit for my monitor and my 60" Plasma.
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Just purchased an Iiyama XB2380HS, a 23" IPS/LED monitor. It's hooked up to a GTX660. After prolonged (1-2) hours continuous use, mostly text and editing (i.e. white background) I also experience unacceptable eye strain. There is also a whitish haze (most likely IPS glow) coming off the screen when viewing at ~50 cm under a horizontal angle of ~20 degrees, basically working position.

My other display is a NEC P221W PVA display which does not have this at all. It could be due to the higher refresh rate, the Iiyama is rated 60Hz, the NEC 85Hz and it's also not an LED display. Though what I also notice on the IPS display is that dark backgrounds give an unacceptable glow under only slight viewing angles. The glow decreases when sitting straight in front at ~1m distance. Thus, the advertized enhanced viewing angles using IPS technology are more likely a marketing gimmick when buying a new display.

Interestingly, following jerrolds advice of increasing brightness to 100%, this indeed removes the flickering when moving an object in front of the screen (because PWM is disabled at 100% brightness?). I am going to see how this is going after long term use, though I already arranged for an RMA and am going to try new LED displays with VA technology. Reportedly, these newer displays are suffering from the same glow effects though.
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