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This is most likely happening because these sensors were never intended to be used for reporting 100% accurate core temperatures, especially when the CPU is idle and the temperatures are a long ways away from the calibration point. These sensors are only intended to be used for thermal throttling and thermal shut down control of the CPU.

I found when testing that if you enabled both the CPU low power C States for the core and CPU package, the idle temps tend to line up a lot better. You can try enabling both of those in the bios just to see if your reported idle temperatures change.

Can't get much more consistent than this.


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Originally Posted by enigma7820 View Post

Just throwing this out there if gour using ipgu I believe that will make that core always run hotter cause its closest to.igpu

I think you're right I am using the IGPU at the moment and mine is the same!!! (Around 8c between 1st and 4th....)
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