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Sapphire Vaprx 7950 - Club3D 7950 KingRoyal - Displaying flicker since Sapphire Card

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Hi all, I thought I would finally upgrade my card and heard such great things about AMD cards for bang for buck.

This is when my issues started:

I initially got a Sapphire Vapor X 7950, everything was fine downloaded the free games and when I initially played BioShock it ran smoothly and everything was fine. I then tried it later that evening for a longer period and I started to notice that I was starting to get screen flicker oh so slightly.. took no notice at first but then it got really bad.. I then thought it was the drivers after some research on forums, but after trying several versions I call the store from where I got it and they suggested it was an RMA jobby and faulty card. I then got a refund and not wanting to get the same card I thought I would be better off trying a different brand. I have since managed to get a Club3D KingRoyal 7950.. . And to my surprise thinking everything is going to be hunky dory.. its still doing it. But I have the same issue.. so this has left me stumped.. I have tried everything..
I found that even windows is flickering on booting up and powering down. So I have tried all drivers and alike. Thinking it is still a driver issue due to the odds of both being faulty is kinda odd. The one thing I did notice is the fact that if I fixed the frame rate in a game to the frame rate of the monitor 60fps it would work fine. This is on ultra setting!.. but I cannot fix the frame rate in windows.. After using Driver Sweeper to remove all drivers in between down grading the drivers and still no joy I thought it would be something to do with software conflict or along those lines..
So I took the decision to do a complete reinstall of my Win7 pro to see if this would fix it.. and low and behold it is still the same!!!
So I have taken out my card and set the display to the on-board graphics of the i7 3770k. To my surprise this is also doing it!!!!
I have even upgraded my PSU to CoolerMaster GX750, brand new with second graphics card as I thought my 600w was not enough power for the card and its still doing it...

So I have I think finally narrowed it down to it not being the graphics card but maybe something to do with the motherboard..

I have no knowledge of how motherboards aid graphics. So any input or insight into my issue would be much appreciated.

Should I do a RMA on my MOB?

Or is it my Monitor?

I have also reset all my overclocks to default and the issue is still there.

My spec is :

i7 3770k
16GB Corsair Vengeance
128gb SSD
Custom Water cooled CPU
CoolerMaster GX750w
Win Pro 7
Club3D KingRoyal 7950

Any help or suggestions on this would be great



p.s I have attached images of the issue for reference:

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Ok i have ruled out the monitor.. tried it with a different pc so i can rule this out.

I think the issue occured when i fixed the voltage with trixxx. there was an odd sound, almost like popping but not sure where it was comming from.. thought it was the PSU. but that has since been replaced..

Is it possible it could be the Mother Board?

Any help would be great or input.

The only thing i can think it could be would be the would be the Mother Board..

The chip is over clocking fine and all good.. Unless its the previous set of RAM..

hmm will check this..

Any help welcomed.

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Try using GPU-Z or MSI afterburner to look at your clocks, memory and voltage. Let us know what they are so we can help you better.
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Hi I have taken a screen shot.. everything is on stock settings.. I have however clocked it up to 1100, 1450, and runs all the games smoothly with fixed frame rate in the game..

Thanks for the help..
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I have a feeling the something on the Motherboard is messed up.. gonna call the peeps I got it from tomorrow.. but any help between now and then would be great.


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I have just logged the frame rate with AfterBurner, see attached you can see that before I switch the frame rate to fixed it is between 130(ish) - 110(ish).. would be nice to have this smoothly output..

Basically I shouldn't have topo fix the frame rate? correct?

it should run as is if I am right in thinking..


Daniel HardwareMonitoring_hml.txt 770k .txt file
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Soo anyone got any ideas as to what it could be...
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RMA the motherboard.. hopefully finding out today if this is the issue..

if not well i am dead in the water as to what it can be..

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Ok this is not looking good.. bought a replacement bord as the RMA on the z77x-ud5h had to be sent back to gigabyte.. can't wait 28 days.. soo i got a simple MSI Z77A-G43 Intel Z77 as a tem replacement. but i still have the same issue... this can mean only one thing... the cpu is ***** in some way.. overclocks fine proceses things fine but the flicker.. aaarrrgggghhhh why is intel so damn expensive.. well looks to be £275 down the drain.

please if anyone else can sugget any other possibile solutions .. let me know

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