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the ONLY reason, for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to go with mainstream OEM is for a support package.

there are various reasons why it may be more cost effective to completely offload all responsibility onto a specialised, much larger company for your IT needs.

from a desktop computer to a huge server room, in some cases, it will be more efficient to just buy it boxed with a support package. basically if any sort of failure or downtime costs you a ton of money it can be an attractive selling point. rest assured that after you pay 4x too much for your hardware and support package, GenericCompany will be there to fix it for you 24/7/365.

otherwise you should hire a professional to tell you what to buy, or ask OCN, and then get your local PC place to put it together if you cant. or your IT team, or w/e the situation is.

For large companies, that's definitely a selling point. You're not going to hire a team to build & maintain 5000 PCs a year for you.

For a small company, let's say 10 - 20 machines, I think you can build more reliable machines by yourself for less money then getting it preboxed. And if your IT guy isn't capable of putting together 10 - 20 machines and maintaining them (properly set up, there's minimal maintenance) then he should probably be fired since that's a very simple task. You can build all your desktops with server hardware, and they'll be a hell of a lot more reliable then anything you buy from an OEM.

I worked for a major bank. The dells we had were pieces of crap (expensive pieces of crap, mind you), ran dog slow, and anytime we had an issue the solution is to swap it out with a different PC (that's big company IT for you), and we would have to waste tons of time setting everything up again. Honestly, it would've been more productive to send us boxes full of parts and tell us to figure it out then to deal with the "support" our IT dept gave us.

And yeah, with the idiots that worked in IT there, I would take a dell built system over them touching anything anyday.
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