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So, I'm sure this has been addressed BUT.. I've got a reference XFX Core 7970 3GB card. It hits 1250/1600 at 1.275 in Trixx - however after vdroop its around 1.21 in GPU-Z. I've heard that one shouldn't run an older reference card at high volts - I don't want to run into any degradation as I plan to get at least a couple of years out of this card. Temps will not be an issue as the card will be kept nice and cool, thanks to an incoming Komodo block. All tips welcome, thanks! (Also for some reason, I'm BF3/Heaven/Furmark stable at 1700mhz memory, only black ops 2 zombies forces me down to 1600 - and I've read somewhere that anything above 1600Mhz is no real improvement) Any info helps, thanks OCN!