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MSI reference gtx 670OC temp/fan speed issue

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Hello everybody,

About 1 year ago I bought MSI Reference GTX670OC. Unfortunately, this card's fan noise is
annoying me a lot :/.

I wonder if I can minimize that noise problem. So I have some questions.

First one is what is that card's optimal and maximum temperatures on load? Mine average is
about at C. But fan noise becomes very noisy. And maximum is 78-79C.

I can optimize the fan curve from afterburner. But what should I do?

Are there any suggested curves? What should be my maximum temperature?

Or should I buy an aftermarket cooler? I read somewhere that arctic cooling's solution (twin turbo II) is
too heavy so it bends the small pcb's (like mine).

Any other cooling solution? Should I change the stock fan? (not the whole cooling system) Can I find
a silent fan?

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Are you talking about this GPU?



Well this model has a blower type reference FAN as you know and as far as I know the 670 PCB fans are inferior to 680 PCB models. So expect lower quality of cooling and higher noise.


That 670 throttles when it is above 70 degrees so it would be great to keep it below 70 degrees. That being said throttling is not so much.


This is a throttling graph for a GTX 680



Notice that after 70 degrees the GPU throttles only 14 mhz which is barely over 1% the power of the GPU itself. Your 670 will be similar too.


Your best bet to keep it cool is to purchase products like there.




If you are worried about the cooler to bend the PCB you are right but do not worry about it too much.


Even if you purchase the product belove, it will be better than your current fan and it will not be very heavy.




Edit :


Forgot to tell you that if you do something with your fan curve, make it more aggresive, the GPU will be cooler but even more noisy.


Also there is not any suggested curve globally. Just test it yourself and see the results. My fan curve for my current GTX Titan is different than my fan curve of my previous GPU for example.

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Yes, That card :/.

Thanks for your response.

There is another problem. I live in Turkey and finding cooling products is really hard.
So, should I buy accelero mono plus or twin turbo 2? Or wait and buy new card later
(about 1 year later)?

I didn't have any issues while playing games but the noise. Does it make sense to
buy an aftermarket cooling? I bought my card 1 year ago for about 390$. I'm still not
sure about buying cooling unit.

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Get a Mono Plus.
The reference cooler is impossible to make silent, even at lowest RPM it makes an annoying grinding noise.
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