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So, when selecting games we look at a number of factors when making the decisions on what should be hosted officially. I'll list out the primary things we look at and then expand on them from there:

  • Is the game currently played competitively?
  • Does the game have a fairly standardized set of rules for competitive play?
  • Does the game support LAN play or have features to facilitate it?
  • Are there any special licenses or developer approvals needed to run the game?
  • Will featuring the game on our OverclockTV channel on Twitch be beneficial to our stream?

Obviously there will always be more titles that people want to play than we can actually run as official events. One of the largest restrictions we have is on SSD space, as we were originally on a 60 GB SSD and then moved to a 120 GB SSD. With each server-side installation taking up about 10 to 20 GB that room runs out quickly. I've talked with Admin about building a dedicated server, since in the first LAN last summer we simply used my computer with a SSD dropped into it and at the AMD event we used one of their office computers. We don't happen to use a static IP configuration or have any type of DHCP server going to enable DHCP reservation so the IPs can be pretty random.

As far as game servers go if it's something we can use SteamCMD or SRCDS to get are the easiest as I'm typically the only server admin around during setup and those are the platforms I'm most familiar with. We don't necessarily restrict people from hopping on the network and creating servers for themselves and other attendees to play on, as in general we haven't ever had an issue with not having enough actual free space on the LAN side of our network. Server clients which require an active outbound connection with external master servers are a different case.
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