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Originally Posted by DaveLT View Post

How many mouses actually use the Cortex-M3? It's awesome to see my 2nd favorite microcontroller being used in mouses.
Note guys : The M3 is a powerhouse. A serious powerhouse with lots of high sampling rate ADCs and fast I/Os. This is going to be a very responsive mouse if done right. Also it's onboard timer is very accurate so you get precise mouse movements if again done right with the right sensor and firmware

Plenty. Well over 10 individual mice on the top of my head.

Then again, that kind of unit is quite overkill for basic mice. smile.gif On board timer is indeed more accurate than solutions from the competitor segment. IE. entrly level NXP32

@Mionix marketing

Would you mind sending this user a sample? Shouldn't be an issue if those claims are legitimate wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

@Mionix marketing

Would you mind sending this user a sample? Shouldn't be an issue if those claims are legitimate wink.gif

Please send an e-mail to richard@mionix.net and we'll see what we can do for you!
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Interesting.. a fat zowie FK

When and where is it available though?
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It will be in stores around the middle of June
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Hmm, I was thinking about to try a laser mouse lately, but haven't found a brand/shape that suits me yet (and Razer has Synapse). This seems interesting. Shape is definitely interesting.
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Man this look pretty much perfect for me. EXCEPT size.... Mionix any chance of making a smaller version of something similar?

Otherwise this looks amazing !

I think I'm debating either this or Roccat Kone Pure. Roccat is closer to the size I'm looking for though sadsmiley.gif
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Should release an optical version too and hopefully the rubber coating isn't the type that becomes sticky after a year of use.

Edit: Hopefully the uneven scroll LED light was fixed, was having discussions with @Mionix Anders about it. tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by Mionix here View Post

Regarding the lift-off issues, what did you have in mind? Every input is valuable and something we treasure. I'm all ears and will be watching the thread answering questions or sending forth ideas to our development team.

We've made some tweek to the sensor that should improve the overall quality of the mouse. The delay between the mouse and the sensor has been dealt with and we are the first manufacturers who's been able to reprogram the mouse to fix this issue.

My experience with the Avago 9800 sensor comes solely from using a Roccat Kone Pure. That said, no matter how I configured the mouse, no matter what surface I used it on, no matter what firmware I installed, upon lift-off, the cursor kept jumping unpredictable distances in unpredictable directions unless the mouse was lifted in a perfectly vertical manner. That alone made the mouse useless for the way I play FPS games. (BTW: It would be nice if your website said something about lift-off distance. How high is it? And is it adjustable?) On top of that, the cursor felt sluggish. If you've managed to get rid of that, that's one big minus fewer. However, that still leaves acceleration (unless you've gotten rid of that as well). Switching from the Zowie FK to the Avior would gain me an additional four buttons, which I would love. It would also cost me five additional grams of weight, which would be unfortunate, but tolerable. I'd even be willing to pay an extra 30 bucks or so, but putting up with acceleration? Thanks, but no thanks.
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Wow I'm really looking forward to seeing some reviews on this mouse. I've been hunting for a good ambidextrous mouse for myself and this might fit the bill. The main thing I'm concerned about is the shape and while I'd rather see a more gradual slope in the back, this one may be promising. I'm a big fan of the Intellimouse Optical shape and feel, but its 400dpi is just too low for me.

@Mionix here:
You mentioned wanting feedback. I'm likely not as picky about about the sensor as most people here (unless it was really jittery or something). For me, the shape and button placement is the primary factor for me. I like how it seems to have a slightly wide and flat look to it. It's so hard to judge a feel just from pictures, but this looks promising. The cm storm recon, nzxt avatar, roccat kova, and razer taipan have all looked too narrow for my hands from pictures, but this might work for me. Also I think I'm in the minority where I keep a finger on each button(middle finger on scroll wheel, ring finger on right click, pinky on right side buttons), so buttons on both sides definitely appeals to me (hence the reason I want an ambidextrous mouse in the first place).

Also while it's not a dealbreaker, having some way to quickly switch between profiles (like a hotkey combo or shortcut) is nice as I often use different configurations for gaming than I do for desktop usage.

Finally, it's a little offtopic, but who did the music for that video? It's great.
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Okay, seems my other post was deleted. I don't think it's trolling, flaming or whatever to comment that I think it's disappointing companies use flawed laser sensors instead of stuff like the A3090 because of marketing (high CPI).
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