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Hey Timsyourfriend, you said "You're using a dual channel motherboard, so you'll want at least 2 modules installed. The main and most important difference is that with 2 8GB modules, it leaves option for upgrade open"blinksmiley.gif

And then you said 4 sticks would stress the CPU... So I'm not sure what to think there. I mean, if I want room to upgrade, (or potential), then where would I put the upgrade additions if not in the other two slots?

At least 2 modules to enable dual channel feature. If you were to upgrade, then you would use the other two slots, it just places more load on the CPU memory controller, but there's nothing wrong with that. If your decision is between 4 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB, you may as well get 2 x 8GB since there is no benefit to having four modules installed for a dual channel motherboard. Hope that clarifies things.

Either way doesn't really matter. For performance RAM, there are cases where adding another two modules doesn't match properly with the original modules, so in the end you have to get a complete 16GB/32GB kit. This is generally for high speed DDR3-2133+, so it's not as often.

Just get the speed you want, the capacity you need, and you'll be fine.

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