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Since i'v bought my first PC (or bought for me, to be exact) I havent touched any gamepad controller since, since a week ago. I've bought a relatively cheap dual stick controller which is modeled after the PS3 controller but with a USB as well as a PS3 connector attacked to it.
I've learned all about the "dead zone" which is done so that the USB driver ignores first couple of degrees push by the analog sticks but i've also noticed that if i push the sticks a little further out ("out" = up, down, left or right) the driver detects it as if i've pushed the stick all the way out even though i have a considerable room to push it further out till it touches the body of the controller. In a way an outer layer of "dead zone" the driver detect if i move the stick in full but even if i don't push the stick to its outer limit it will detect it as if i pushed it all the way out.
I did calibrate it (which basically is only done to determine the very center of the axis & nothing more) & even installed an alternative driver it stays the same. Is it normal or its just the old OCD acting up?

thanks in advance