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I've got an LG 27EA83 monitor. I've been using it since February of 2013, so about 3 months now. A couple of days ago I've noticed faint patches/stripes going across the display. It resembles as if some semi-transparent film would cover the display area, making everything behind it look just a faint darker. It might not be an overly burning issue for some, but I bought this monitor for color accuracy and reproduction.

Interestingly, the height of these "stripes" or "patches" changes depending on the brightness value of the monitor. Since I work in a low light environment, my brightness value is set to 0. At this setting the height of this stripe is about 170 pixels. As I increase the brightness, the height of this stripe start to visibly grow, and eventually at around 85 or so brightness level, it covers the entire screen (so it won't be visible any more).

First I thought it is the video card, but it's not. On an older, every day monitor, the stripe is not present. Also, I have a PC (Win 7) hooked up to the monitor via DVI and a Mac via the DisplayPort. Regardless which port I'm switching to, the stripes behave the same way. It is faintly visible, and it's size changes based on the brightness level. So it rules out the video card.

This is my first pro monitor and I didn't expect something like this happen on a display that was designed for high color accuracy and reproduction.

Do you think this is something I should be concerned about? I'm thinking about taking advantage of the warranty, but first I wanted to get some opinions about it.


I took pictures of the phenomena, which I've attached here. The red arrows on the photos indicate the stripes.

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