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My idle temps are 41°c which seems to be normal, i hope. When i'm gaming, i turn the cpu to 90% usage from power options because if i put it to 100%, the temperature goes above 100°c but i've never checked beyond that as i normally shutdown the computer by that time. The temperature shoots 90°c on games like dragon age origins with the use of intel HD graphics (not even nvidia, as it produces more heat). My laptop is 3-4 months old so i don't think that replacing the thermal paste would be necessary. I have a cooling pad underneath but it's just a cheap one as it makes a noticeable amount of noise.

Another thing. When i'm playing with WASD keys, the place where i rest my hand, becomes so hot that my hand starts burning, as obviously the temperature shoots up to 90°-95°c. So is there a solution to that as well?

Is it possible that the applications may be causing this?

My specs: (HP DV6 7137ez)
i7 3610qm
750 GB HDD (5400rmp)
Nvidia GT 630