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Abyssus - Two Questions

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I have two questions about the Razer Abyssus.

1. I use the Abyssus at 1800 DPI and it is too fast on desktop and 450 is way too slow. I recently saw a thread where someone said changing the sensitivity in the razer drivers for the abyssus does not change the acceleration or windows sensitivity. Does changing the abyssus sensitivity in the driver affect precision at all?

2. Every time I boot up my computer my sensitivity stays the same on the abyssus drivers but every time I have to manually change the SCROLLWHEEL sensitivity because it will not stay the same. Is there anyway that I can have it stay the same so I don't have to manually do this?

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Does changing the abyssus sensitivity in the driver affect precision at all?
Razer sensitivty from 1.0-10.0 in steps of 0.5 are actually multiples of 0.1 of your chosen dpi. Your set sens of 6.0 means 60% of the dpi the switch on the bottom is set to. So in your case 1800*0.6=1080dpi. Precision is affected in so far as not all dpi steps are native obviously, thus suffer from interpolation, lower tracking speed. I wanna say 450/1800/3500 are native, am not sure about it though, read different information on it. Some say 3500 is native, some say 1800. Razer's interpolation in halves or quarters seems to be quite good though, so 1800 at 5.0 should result in solid 900dpi.

2. Don't know. I read that v2.01 is inferior to v2.0. Maybe you can find and try the older version.
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