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Hi, I'm new to the site but do have a question I'm hoping one of you Z11 lovers can answer!
My question is, can I fit the H100i in my Z11? I want it to have 4 fans. So a pair on each side of the radiator. I have the h80i but would like bigger one, I was hoping to fit it above the chassis, where the fins are. Removing them and fitter the radiator there, any ideas if it would fit? I hope to upgrade from my ASRock 970 extreme 4 to a X79 UD3 gigabyte. Is there any recommendations? I'm not too fussed about looks on the case as I just want good cooling performance.

This is what it looks like at the moment, any advice is welcome I should state my heart is set on H100i as an upgrade, looks sleeker than the H80i in my opinion.