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Topre vs Cherry (brown)

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So, a while back I was wondering if I should get a mech, MX Reds somehow were lacking the final touch. Luckily enough, before I actually bought anything I got a a chance to try out Cherry MX Browns in peace... and I'll be damned, but I need to get a mech KB now after all.

Browns felt nice, so that would be a solid option. Then I noticed a nice deal for a Topre Realforce at a local webstore, 150 €. That costs actually "only" 50 € more than the G710+ I was looking at first. So I'd like to hear some eduqated opinions from people who have used both Topre and Cherry MX Browns. Is Topre generally considered better-feeling? Is the Realforce's variable weighting going to be annoying in gaming or typing (33 grams sounds pretty little)? Is there big enough difference to justify squeezing extra money?
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Not many people using Topre boards?

Pretty weird actually, I doubt they'd be that much more expensive than some custom Cherry boards I've seen KB enthusiasts use. Or do they just prefer Cherry switches?
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Having used both for an extensive period of time.... you are asking about two very similar switches.

When people ask me to describe Topre (55g), the best way I can describe it..... its a "Smooth" Cherry MX brown. I can not say one is better than the other as its all personal preference.

It basically feels very similar to a brown switch without the "scratchy" feel most mention when referring to browns

Hope this helps.
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Big thanks to you! It's been very hard to find any unbiased answers but you seem to know what you're talking about smile.gif

I think I'll just go for Browns, since I know I like them enough already, the variable weighting on the Realforce sounds a bit worrying (would have to pay almost double for uniform weight), and after all most Browns are still much cheaper
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