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So ever since iv picked up this Asus HD6870 Direct CU i've been curious about its overclocking ability, especially since on the box it claims to be 50% overclockable, tho i didnt take it close to that far & was happy with the result.
All was good & dandy until i've upgraded my mobo since my last one breathed its final breath, the new mobo is a B75M-D3H with two PCI-e slot, & so i installed my older Nvidia 9800 GTx+ in the additional slot below my main HD6870.
The only programs that have actually managed to "Tweak" the voltage on my main GPU (from 1.2v to 1.237 made my overclock stable as a rock) were ASUS Smartdoctor 5.80 & Asus GPU Tweak, both became useless the moment i've installed a second GPU & digging up in their forums it seems many are complaining to the Asus programmers but nothing is being done & little hope for the future of these apps.
The problem is without the voltage tweak my overclock crashes the GPU after a couple of minutes, which has left me with choice of disconnecting my auxiliary Nvidia GPU (goodbye Hybrid physx) from the power grid or play at stock clocks which is kind of disappointing after playing so long with a nice stable overclock.
Is there any other program that can overclock an Asus HD6870? because i have little to no hope in the Asus apps. So far I've tried MSI Afterburn but no matter what i did the voltage sliders remained greyed out, even tried different versions & .cfg file edit as per instructions but nothing's doing. the Sapphire TriXX app managed to have a living voltage slider but for some reason every time i touched it my Radeon GPU's voltage went crazy high no matter where i set the slider so that's not what's gonna do it. Radeon Pro app also greys out the voltage control like the Afterburn app.
I'm desperate for an app or a way to increase my main GPU's voltage (the Radeon) without using those horrible Asus apps & definitely without Bios flashing. Is there alternative possible? App recommendations are most welcome & perhaps I'm just doing something wrong with the MSI Afterburn that leaves both voltage sliders greyed out despite my main GPU being "voltage tweakable"?

Important Edit: My rig info is in my profile
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