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$150 Bedroom Audio Setup

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Hello I recently got a tv for my bedroom on sale due to it not having sound. I have hooked up my brothers 10 year old stereo to it and have been using that for weeks now and I am finally tired of it. I am looking for the best audio setup I can get for under $150. If it is possible I would really like floor standing or bookshelf speakers. But I know barely anything about audio so if you can help me find them then thank you. I also would point out that I can buy used, online and I am in the U.S and do not want to buy from any other country. Thank you
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You're not going to be able to go very far on $150. Your best quality would be used. If new, I would have suggested the ProMedia 2.1ch multimedia speakers, but they're not offered anymore. There are some similar spec'ed new models to it out there, but I've not listened to any of them.

If it were me, I'd spend a little extra and get Audioengine A2's (you can add a subwoofer later if want to).
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if new my suggestion may well be t-amp such as the Topping TP-20MKII


and I'm going to admit this is going to put you over budget.. but


and then save monies for sub later.

so you are using your brothers stereo now? is there any part(s) of it you can run for now??? or is that not an option?

finding something like you are looking for used even at $150 is tough... but I have living proof not impossible

I just this week got a fully functional Denon AVR-688 for $25

but that is kinda crazy good pricing..

and I have multiple sets of speakers that I love that would probably be great for this

using these with my yamaha RX-573 in the living room Paid $20 B&W V202 speaker..

and I have these FANTASTIC... JBL L1 bookshelf speakers paid $40 for these.

These Bang & Olufsen RL 60.2 speakers I grabbed for $60 awhile ago.

so as you can see around here anyways USED..is freaking awesome... requires patience and luck however sometimes.
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