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Is it possible to use too "high" of a driver or OROM revisions for Intel Rapid Storage Technology (specifically, with an ICH chipset)?

I have an eVGA e758 x58 motherboard with an i7 930 and an Intel 320 SSD 160GB. I recently updated my BIOS with a custom modded BIOS with an updated Intel OROM of

I assumed that RST OROMs and drivers that were being developed were still supporting the ICH chipset. However, when I just tried to update my RST Windows driver from 11.7 to 12.6, it refused to update. I tried all sorts of things, until I stumbled upon and saw that apparently Intel stopped developing ROMs/drivers for ICH chipsets beyond 11.7...?

So has my ICH10R chipset hit the end of its driver line? How do I know what's the latest RST driver version I can use? And perhaps most importantly -- should I revert the OROM in my motherboard's custom BIOS back down to a version that supports ICH?

I'm ill-knowledged in chipsets, OROMs, and drivers, and still have my head swirling with what's what.

Ideally, I prefer using the latest and greatest OROM and driver combination, but perhaps I'm "clipping" beyond the game walls now, so to speak smile.gif
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