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Looking for a recommendation.

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I have 2X1TB Western Digital Greens in my PC atm. They do the job, but they could be faster IMO. I'm now looking into another HDD because 2TB total isn't really all that much... and I am considering trying something different to the Western Digital current gens. I'm looking for something in a similar price range, but am a little flexible on that. 2TB minimum, and maybe 7200rpm? What brands do you guys suggest?

I'm looking for an internal, but I could be convinced to spend a little more on those wireless externals, they seem cool; if someone has an opinion on those too? I have a tablet, so this may be wise...
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In my opinion you could go for Seagates or Toshibas, that is if you are not too keen on WD's new drive, WD10EZEX.

Seagate have their new 7200.14 drives with 1TB platter densities and at a speed of 7200rpm, some people report speeds of up to 200MB/s reads with those drives. Toshibas are fairly slower and this reflects in their lower price.

You could also wait for WD to refresh their line of Black drives, but there has been speculation of when they will release them dating back to October.
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I'd look at WD Blue drives. The new ones use 1TB platters, so they're actually faster than the older Blacks in most cases. (at least for now)
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The new Blue drives are fast and faster than the blacks, but the only come in 1TB drive sizes and the op wants drives 2TB and larger. But still the Blues are worth considering.
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So the westerns are still considered the best huh. What 2TB 7200rpm drives would people recommend?
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The new Seagate drive, ST2000DM001.

Its roughly $99 or £70.
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I went with the Seagate, thanks lovelies.

I wonder why people were recommending the Western Greens to me a few months back on another forum, when these were out, and far bigger for a similar price. Hrm.
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