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I have a backup S-ATA 2,5 disks in a HD enclosure. Prior to that the disk was used in a laptop, running the OS.

Now I often run into issues when I plug it into my USB connector of my PC, running Windows 7. Sometimes it doesn't find the two partitioned disks, sometimes it finds one of them. If I plug the disk into another USB like the ones I have on the keyboard they end up good.
So I could suspect faulty USB drives...

This is what I got when I tried to open it up on a laptop running Ubuntu. I could only fix this, by plugging in my S-ATA to the PC, and upon boot, it ran chkdisk and fixed the problems.

Now I don't know why my disk behave like this, could it be the enclosure being of bad quality and damaging the disk, because sometimes the enclosure beeps when I plug it in, doesn't read the disk, and sometimes when I plug it in the disk don't run up, from what I can hear with my ears.

The disk has never had any faulty sectors...

Now I learned to backup on other media too, although should I do low level format on the disk, or any other thing, as still I don't know what is causing this.