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Originally Posted by tomi10 View Post

Hello guys. I currently have a SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro but it's failing as the other 2 kinzu's I had. I made a promise myself not to buy Steelseries anymore, they products break 4 f*cking months after buying them. (No, I do not have warranty).

The shape of the Kinzu is perfect for me, I probably think that as it's the only mouse I've ever used (Had 3 of them). But now I'm looking for another one to buy.

I have this two choices and I don't know what to choose.

Razer DeathAdder 2013
Roccat Kova[+]

The DeathAdder seems to be technically better than the Kova+ but the shape and size of the mouse is what scares me. I'm used to the Kinzu which is small and ambidiextrous (I use Claw Grip) and I think the DeathAdder will be too unconfortable for me. Also, the Higher IPS seems to be better for me as I'm usually doing quick swipes in the mousepad.

The shape of the Kova+ seems to be quite similar to the Kinzu, so is the size. That would be good. But it seems it's worse than the DA. It has a lower IPS and Acceleration.

Kova+: 130IPS / 30G Acceleration / 3200dpi
DA: 200IPS /50G Acceleration / 6400dpi

I get both at the same price.

I don't really care about the DPI's as I will mostly use the mouse with 400 or 800 dpi (I play Counter-Strike with low sensitivity).
Oh by the way, I'm using a SteelSeries QCK+ LE SK-Gaming Edition.

What mouse should I choose?

I'm not sure why you're limiting yourself to these two mice. It's not they're bad but I'm just confused why its come down to just these two.
If you claw grip and play lots of FPS and want a well priced mouse with a good sensor I'd say check out a CM Storm Spawn. Its small, ergo made for claw/fingertip grip and its got an Avago 3090 sensor (a very good if not the best optical sensor). Plus the CM Storm reps post here often and actually give a crap about the products they make.

Otherwise I'd choose the DA just based on internals alone, even though I like the Kova shape more.
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Yes, I think i'm going with the DeathAdder. Even though I really like the Kova+ shape I'm reading that it's dpi are interpolated even in 400 and for the same price I have the DA which is a lot better sensor-wise.

I really hope I can adjust to the shape as I'm used to the kinzu which is small, ambidiestroux and light while the DA is tottaly opposite, big, right-handed only (ergonomic) and weights more.
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