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Hey guys,
because I wanted to OC some more my Matrix 7970 (Vcore) i´ve downloaded the Gpu Tweak. I´ve set the most things like I wanted and then pushed the "Safe" button. I thought it would safe my profile and pushed the "BURN" button. Then Gpu Tweak told me "Alright, this information will be safed in your GPU BIOS" and restarted my Pc. Now, what the hell was / is this ???
At first appearance there has nothing changed after I pushed "default", everything seems to be as it was, I hope so... because I read this and I got a little heart attack. I never used Gpu Tweak before, only Msi Afterburner and the AMD OverDrive. Has Gpu Tweak changed/ messed my Bios Settings ?

Edit: Problem solved, I think. I OCed my Gpu more and instead of win FPS I lost FPS by the same Clocks, only with other Vcore. thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
This tool is ****. btw. for other Matrix owner, you could reset the gpu bios by pushing the "safe mode" of the gpu.
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