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I was originally going to buy a new 7950 or 7970, but after seeing how powerful the 9000 series might be, I think I might just wait until they come out before upgrading. Since I've decided to wait, I think I'll try overclocking my 6950. I've unlocked my shaders to 1536, and I've now overclocked to 930/1375 at 1.16V. It doesn't go above 73 degrees at 50% fan speed in benchmarks and games, and everything seems stable. I am using a reference Powercolor 6950 from December 2010. I'm also still using the reference cooler. Finally, I am using MSI Afterburning 3.0.0 Beta 9.

Does anyone know the limits of a reference 6950? I've heard that it can be dangerous to go above 1450 memory clocks, and that 1.175 is as high as you want to go on air. Is this true? I know these things can vary from card to card, but I was hoping for a rough estimate on what numbers I should avoid going over. I don't want to kill my 6950 too quickly biggrin.gif. Thanks for any help!