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Hey everyone!

My USB 2.0 are giving me a bit of trouble....

Thing is, the ports work, they give good Voltage (5.12 front, 5.10 rear), can attach any kind of mouse, keyboard, or anything else, but from time to time, they won't work with any of my USB flash drives.

I'm pretty sure my flash drives work ok, but anytime I connect a device with external power (can't say for sure "everything" leads to this issue), like my camera which uses AA batteries. the flash drives are not recognized anymore, have to disconnect everything and let it be for a while.

I'm not sure if the same happens with printers, will try it out latter.

Anybody knows why does it happen?

Also, my Ethernet card died like a year ago, I just disabled it from within Windows, it never came back, already tried with other OSes, disabled in BIOS and re-enabled it, nothing works.

Any help will be appreciated.