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Hi Everyone -- I went to OC my 2600K to a faster speed, and suddenly my H100 fan went to max or close to 4,000 rpm. The second fan kicks in and then switches off, in a cycle of about 30 - 60 seconds. I reset the chip to default 3.4 Ghz in BIOS, but the H100 still is messed up where the second fan goes off and on (at full speed). This never happened when my chip was mildly OCed and never at stock speed.

The icon on the lower right hand corner is lit. Fan speed in monitoring show almost 4000 rpm. I tried the fix I read about which is to hold the Profile button for 5 sec while computer is on. Let computer run for a minute. Shut if off. Power up while holding Profile button ~5 sec again. No good.

I tried using Asus AI to disable the fan, but this doesn't work. In fact, when i use the Testing function, the fan shows ~3,800 for every entry that tests the fan.

Any advice? I've never had any issues with the H100, but it seems stuck in a weird cycle. It's very noisy.
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