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RT6855TW and RT101

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I'm not to much of a keyboard enthusiast but I came across something you may or not be interested here.

At work I found these 2 "antique" keyboards.
One is a Midwest Micro (NMB, Thailand) RT6855TW.
The other is a AT&T (NMB, Thailand) RT101

I really like the feel of the RT6855TW over the RT101, so I was thinking about possibly trying an LED mod on the RT101 (I think it's less rare than the RT6855TW?).

I'd hate to ruin the one that I like the most out of the two right out of the gate.

Thoughts? Opinions?
To me, I feel like its like throwing electronics in a classic car. But I haven't seen a similar mod with a couple quick Google searches and I currently have a CM Quickfire Rapid and kind of what a keyboard for use at night.

I'll have pics shortly, I think.


If the LED mod can be found (pics of it) I'd like to see what the end result will look like tbh.
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If they are alps switches good luck, because I don't think its possible with alps switches
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