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3mm LEDs wiring question

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Was looking at doing some leds in my new build.

Do you know is 2 3mm leds can be ran to a single fan connector or do they have to run to a molex? I know a single 3mm can be run to a fan header but I was wondering if 2 can be spliced and ran.
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The 3 pin connectors on motherboards should be 12V which should be more than enough for 2 LEDs. In fact, you will probably have to use a resistor to avoid frying the LEDs.

This site is simple but useful for figuring out what you will need to do: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz

You will have to find out what the voltage of your particular LEDs is. White are usually 3.0V - 3.2V and colors are usually less than that.
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Running two 3mm LEDs off a single motherboard fan header is not a problem at all.
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There is a thread somewhere in OCN regarding leds. I came across it before when I wanted to make my own led since I wasnt sure which resistor I should get. In the end I decided to buy 12v leds that are pre-installed with resistor. You can get those from PPC...& yeah 2 or even more can run from a single header...wont be a problem biggrin.gif
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