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Just to let you know... If anyone didn't notice, online stores are now selling the Athlon x4 750k (Trinity A8/A10 sans GPU, at 3.4Ghz) for a good price. It's $86 shipped on Newegg


Socket FM2 should also offer drop-in compatibility with Kaveri APUs and HSA later this year (ignore the reports saying FM2+ will replace FM2 and be a new drop-in socket; while roadmaps show FM2+, they don't say that FM2+ will replace FM2 and require new boards; AMD has already previously stated that FM2 will be around for awhile, and I suspect FM2/FM2+ will be like an AM2/AM2+ setup where processors will be compatible with each other).


Piledriver cores tend to overclock higher and use lower power than Deneb cores. Here is a comparison: A10-5800k vs x4 965. the 965 is known to reach 4Ghz while this Athlon should likely hit in the 4.5 area or just above (or otherwise similar to the FX-4300), for similar improvements.


For those still looking at Phenom II (x4), this arguably constitutes the end of the line for it as Piledriver cores offer higher performance at lower power consumption, plus a more future-ready platform.