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AMD FX 8350 overheating when working at "full load"

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Hey there,

I have an AMD FX 8350 cpu, on an asrock extreme4 970 Mainboard. Whenever I set the cpu to work at full load with for example prime 95. The fan isn't able to keep up with the heat. Idle it runs around
40-45 degrees celsius. But when working at 100% the temperature increases to 65 degrees celsius and above. (I don't know how far it goes because I don't want to let it go above 65.)

The main problem I think persists in the fan which usually spins with 4000 rpm but won't go any higher then that. No matter which software I try, I do not seem to be able to push the fan above the 4000 border. ( I've tried amd overdrive, speedfan, asrock extreme tuning utility, and I even tried all the fan settings in my bios. Nothing seems to work)

Any suggestions what could be happening here?

additional information:
AMD fx 8350 CPU (set to 4.0 Ghz)
Asrock extreme4 970 mainboard.
Geforce GTX 660 videocard.
Kingston hyperX predator memory. (clockspeed 1866)
500 watt power supply.
The fan on the heatsink is from cooler master, and the paste I used to attack the heatsink to the cpu is from cooler master as well.
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What is the temperature on your room and how hot is your case getting?
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My case is currently opened. Thus the mainboard temperature is usually 32 degrees. The temperature of my room is around 20-22 degrees.
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What cooler do you have?
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It's the cooler which came with it, a fan with a cooler master sticker upon it. porobably the stock cooler.
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I did a quick google and none of the stock FX 8350 coolers I'm finding have a CoolerMaster fan.

Can you turn your fan over so it is pulling air from cooler instead of pushing air toward motherboard? My own experience has been this usually lowers temps by 5-10c.

Reason is fan blowing toward cooler > motherboard > air turns into GPU, RAM, etc. > air come back along side cooler > and is sucked back into cooler fan.

If you can reverse the fan so it's pulling air out of cooler and you have side cover off the hot air coming out of cooler/fan will go out into room and not mix with case air / cooler air. wink.gif

Does your cooler look like this one?
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Yup that's the cooler!

I turned it around, and now it reaches an astonishing 6200 RPM whilst using prime95, but it still doesn't seem to be enough to cool as it now (slowly) keeps increasing even over 63 degrees
edit: it might have something to with this? http://puu.sh/36xCt/765e1bdf6a.jpg

the temperature of the cores itself is about half of the temperature noticed by the mobo?
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So working better but still not quite good enough.

Could try re-seating the cooler. Too much thermal paste is as bad as not enough.

Only other options are lower CPU voltage, not work it too hard or get a better cooler. Where you live makes a big difference in prices so not sure what to recommend.
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I live in the netherlands. Things is; I reapplied the cooling paste yesterday already. It should be fine. (I used cooler master paste)

Also, there's al kinds of things in my bios like AMD application power management and cool 'n quiet and stuff which mess around with my voltages autmatically. do you have any advice on those settings?

If any changes in my bios will not help then I might consider going for one of those cpu water coolers. (maine reason I stayed off a water cooling unit was because I have to move the computer 2 times a week.)
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Sorry but I have no knowledge of AMD CPUs.

What case do you have and what is your case fan layout now? Might help to have back fan behind CPU and top fan above CPU as intakes. These big powerful GPUs often generate as much heat as CPU.. sometimes more. Don't know which Geforce GTX 660 you have but they make lots of heat so may be warming up air going to CPU cooler. I'm seeing more and more cases being setup with top as intake because of GPU heat.

I wouldn't go water cooling unless you do a custom or something like Swiftech H220. They are little if any better than top air cooling. Reason they often look better in reviews is because they keep the hot exhaust air separated from cool intake air by using case as divider. When tested on open bench the difference goes away.

Below is H100, Silver Arrow SB-E and Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme. The only reason SA SB-E Extreme is better is it has TY-143 130cfm fans.. twice the speed and airflow of normal fans. Put similar fans on any of the top coolers and get similar results.
i7 3820 @4.75GHz
Temperature is delta.

H100 . . . . . . . . 41c 2500rpm. . . . . . . . 55dBA 2
SA SB-E . . . . . . 42c 1100rpm & 1300rpm 38dBA TY-150 & TY-141
SA SB-E Extreme 34c 2500rpm. . . . . . . . 56dBA 2x TY-143
jump in to 3:40 for results

As you are moving your system around twice a week you might want to use a mid-range cooler like Phanteks PH-TC12PE, Noctua U12S, etc.
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