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i5-3570K mobo advise

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hi all,
after a week of bad weather,lightning has finally decided to destroy my pc,
so i'm thinking about upgrading from my old e8400 to i5-3570K,
i know haswell is coming soon,but it will be probably too much expensive for me.

my idea is,to heavily oc with my liquid cooling system( dual pump and a gigantic external rad 1 meter x 1/2 with 12 fan on it)
so i need a trustworthy mobo,and i'm kind of lost about it.

i've read asrock z77 extreme4(100 euro) is a good mobo,but not sure if is good for going over 4,5ghz,
msi z77 mpower(140 euro) seems better for the purpose,
other names?i dont want to spend more than 150-160 euros.

ty a lot for your answers. smile.gif
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Haswell is coming tomorrow and only 20 bucks more expensive probably...
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yes you are right.
thought it could be more xpensive,
anyway,just read a few articles so and so,seems it has some OC problems due to inside automatic vr regulations and more parameters to take under control that make OC more hard,so i still don't know what to do,ivy or haswell.
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