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Corrupted Color Profiles

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For some reason my two axillary monitors display images made with my middle monitor (in photoshop or the like) with a vignette filter, when i try to change the color profile in windows it just seems to ruin colors in general for whichever monitor I'm on, I would compensate by making challenging changes in my monitor settings, but im not sure if thats what I should do.

The Photoshop error

The Monitor profile 2269WM appears to be defective please return your monitor calibrations software.
(if i click ignore it tends to function properly)

An Example Image that hopefully shows the left side (middle Monitor) as white and the right side (right hand monitor) as vignette

My Monitor Configuration
3x AOC 2269Vwm
left - DVI-D to DVI-D
Mid - Active Display Port to DVI-D
right - DVI-I to DVI-D
Video Card Sapphire Vapor-x Radeon HD 7950

My Story
So while doing some work from home i ignored a photoshop notice only to accidentally save after using a "defective" monitor profile, This problem also persists with side monitors having strange yellowing in thier images if generated or saved from the primary monitor.

I'm not sure how to fix this so any advice what so ever would help
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Heh May or Maynot have fixed this with this technique


Just deleted all the color profiles for each monitor and set to use my settings and that seemed to have normalized / fixed my problem.

or maybe I made it worse so here is a test images

black line indicates where my monitors break between mid and right, please confirm if it looks good to you or if I just made everything worse, thinking of changing the thread title so other people can google this and fix their problem if they end up in a similar situation
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