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[SOLVED] CNPS9900MAX-B: do these temps sound right?

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Hi guys,

I have a CNPS9900MAX-B cooling my 2600K @4.5GHz/1.32V.

When I run Prime95, the temps reach 80C (on the hottest core) within 5 minutes. If I leave it longer, it might even hit 85C. This is at an ambient temp of about 25-26C.

Now, I reseated the cooler once which resulted in no improvement. I used MX-4 for the paste. I didn't use the bundled paste even once.

Now, this is in my Raven RV03. So, the cooler is facing up. The cool air is coming from bottom as well as from the intakes installed in the front drive bays. (Two EnermaX T.B. Silence fans)

Do you think the temps are too high for this cooler?

The other issue is, it is noisy at full speed (1700RPM). Not even with the LNA. (1500RPM). I'm currently running it at 1000RPM. At that speed, it is not louder than the other fans in the case. So, at that this RPM, Prime95 takes the temps to 85C within 5 minutes and I didn't wanna test it any further. However, in Crysis 3 and transcoding videos using Handbrake, the temps reach 75C.

Will an H80i do a better job? Not at full speed though, because I know it will perform definitely better than the Zalman at full fan speed. I will most probably run it at low speed (with stock fans) or buy a couple of Gentle Typhoon AP13's if they are too loud at low speed.3

I saw this review and was worried. According to that, the Zalman is only within few degrees behind the H80i.
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My guess is even though your room is 25-26c the air going into CNPS9900MAX-B is over 30c.

Best way to find out is with a cheap indoor/outdoor or terrarium thermometer and position the probe 30mm in front of cooler intake.
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Well I have no doubt that the room thermometer is not that accurate. But it's definitely not over 27C.

There is nothing that's warm in the way of the air touching the CPU cooler. The front fans are pulling cold air in directly from the outside. There isn't anything that's in the way below the CPU. RAM is there but that would not put a lot of heat into the case, especially when I'm running them undervolted at 1.35V. The video card is out of the way as well. It exhausts hot air out the top. Doesn't (shouldn't) contact with the CPU cooler. Besides, it is idle when I'm stress testing the CPU.

But I'll test it just to be safe.
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If air going into cooler is room temp than I doubt H80 will make much difference. The reason most reviews show CLC being cooler than top air coolers is because they keep the cool intake air separated from hot exhaust. CLC are also not as dependable as air. Everything in them is only marginally big enough and good enough to do the job. If you want a good water cooler go custom or something like Swiftech H220. Quality components make a huge difference.. much more dependable and usually cool better too.
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I checked the temps while transcoding videos using Handbrake. At full fan speed, the average max temps remained below 70C, but it is too loud for me. That's 3rd screenshot is what I like, noise wise. But I wish I could have the temps below 70C. This is not Prime95, for Christ sake!! Prime95 temps are more than 10C above that. (This is with AVX supported version btw)

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Handbrake can work a system at 100% depending on what priority you have it set at. I tend to use it to stress test more than prime95 because I can accomplish something while testing.
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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

Handbrake can work a system at 100% depending on what priority you have it set at. I tend to use it to stress test more than prime95 because I can accomplish something while testing.
But it's not stressful enough. I have seen it crash in games when it was stable on Handbrake.

Anyways, that's not the point. I believe that temp is too high for Handbrake. Even though it is indeed using 100% CPU in the 2nd pass, it doesn't stress all parts of the CPU he ce the temps are low. IMO, these temps are good for Prime95 bit too high for Handbrake. Is it not?

What do you suggest? Keep the cooler as it is and stop worrying about it? Or should I do something about it?
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I think you are running hotter than you should be. Your Raven RV03 is a good cooling case and should have no problem providing cool air to CPU cooler. The CNPS9900MAX is a good cooler from what I've read. But I have no idea why it's running so hot unless cooler isn't as good as I assume it is.. or the air temp going into your cooler is hotter than we think it is.
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Perhaps the cooler isn't that good in this vertical airflow orientation?
Or maybe I applied too much thermal paste.
I'll probably give a shot at the paste that came with the cooler. Reinstalling this cooler is such a pain though. Otherwise I would have done it already.
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Anyways, I ended up buying the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme. Here's installation experience with my ASRock Z68 Extreme4, Silverstone Raven RV-03 and Corsair Vengeance RAM (4 modules).
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