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Modding A Powermac G5

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I came across a thread on here recently, the MurderMac thread. I liked the look of the mod so I thought I would have a go at it. I checked on eBay and there was one locally for about $50. I won the auction last night and now have it sitting behind me.

I would probably say that I am overwhelmed now. I have never modded a case (other than drilling a few holes here and there). Not sure where to start, and thinking about it now it will probably be another money pit. Oh well it should be fun while doing it, and I should get a decent case out of it unless I mess it up badly. I have no idea where to start. I have been looking at lots of G5 mods on the net. There is a G5 Modders page I found and then also been looking through all the modding guides on here.

I currently do not know what I wish to do with this case. I have two PCs I was thinking of moving into the case. I have an ATX watercooled Gaming rig and a home server. Going the server route would be the opposite with what I planned on doing eventually (making it an ITX sized build) although I could add a drive cage and fit a decent amount of drives in http://www.tonymacx86.com/attachments/bat-cave/17953d1332798852-show-off-your-cases-g5modguts.jpg

I am probably leaning towards moving my current gaming set up into the case. I guess once I confirm exactly what I am going to do with it I can start planning properly.

Firstly I am not sure which motherboard tray/backplate to go with.
There is the LIAN-LI one that is about $38 without postage
The Mountain Mods one which is about $55 without postage
or the LaserHive which comes to $110/$150 shipped. (mATX/ATX)

I am thinking of probably going the mountain mods one mainly because the laserhive is so more expensive. I am pretty sure that I read that it would reuse the existing standoffs however I can get around that I guess.

I wanted to have a go at painting the case too. I was thinking of doing a two tone colour one for the solid aluminum and one for the mesh/top and bottom. At first I was thinking something like black/white but then I thought another brighter colour might look alright.

The final thing I can think of for now is I don't really like how there is no cable management. If you can visualize inside the case I was thinking of adding another tray to the left where the cables could hide underneath it.

I havn't pulled out anything from the case yet so I am not even sure if these Ideas will work. I am pretty sure what I plan on doing is going to be well over my skill level but I think I am willing to give it a go.

If you have any suggestions or see something that won't work please let me know. I am pretty sure I am going to need all the help I can get confused.gif or if I should just give up. Hahaha
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I have taken some photos for reference. I didn't take any of it before I pulled everything out, however it was complete except for the hard drive(s)

I was going to take it fully apart to paint it first, but then I was like I should probably do all the cutting I want before I do any of that.
Double checking the cost of all the parts, The Lian-Li is going to be about $58 with shipping, The MountainMod is going to be about $122 with shipping and the mATX Laserhive is about $135 with shipping.

I was going to go for the MountainMod however when I went to checkout the shipping was much more than I expected. The Lian-Li looks a little awful and I don't like the clear Motherboard tray with the laserhive. I have emailed them to see if the colour can be changed.

I think I am also set on a two tone paint job. I think having the sides/handles/feet as one colour and the body as another would look pretty decent. I was playing with the idea of an orange/black theme or white/black I think white/black would probably look better orange would probably be too over powerful.

Also wondering if I should maybe turn it into a build log. However it would be a long one.

I just saw a video of Plasti Dip used on a case. Looking into this it seems like a decent idea. Can apparently get it locally and in multiple colours. Might be just what I am looking for and with a matte finish.
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I also saw the MurderMac and love; I already had a G5 computer that I plan to mod sometime this fall. I don't have much experience either, so I've been scouring forums and post to get an idea of what everyone else is doing. I'm excited to see how yours turns out, post lots of pics please!
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I've also been keeping an eye on Craigslist for a decent G5 case to mod into a PC. I'd probably go with a silver/white/clear interior mod and I'd make all my own back panel changes. Really like the look of these cases. Wouldn't paint the exterior.
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Hahaha. I totally forgot this was my thread. I sort of half cut the 360 rad down the bottom. I should get back to work. Hahaha. Been a while.

I am still not sure of the color to paint. However it needs a fix up so it's gonna have to get done either way.

I was going to use plasti-dip as I can just peel it if I don't like it. Although I think a different color scheme will set it apart.
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I'm still deciding whether or not I will paint mine; I've seen some gorgeous builds that are painted, but there's still something about having that original look too.
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Yeah. I know what you mean. Mine is pretty banged up in places. Might be able to clean it but there are still scratches. I guess once I have finished modding I will figure out if I want to paint it.
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Yeah, from what I can tell, cable management is easier and looks better if the interior is black; it's easier to hide cables and whatever; i wonder what a black interior/ stock external would look like wheee.gif
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I have been working on this a bit. It is coming along. I hope to have some pictures done on Friday/Weekend I planned on doing some today but didn't have the right drill bits to finish what I was doing.

I have come to the idea that I want to paint the case black and then do orange highlights around the edges. I can explain it a bit better with a picture later.

Currently I have filled about 3/4 of the existing motherboard standoff holes with JB weld.
and I have also replace the whole front I/O with 2 USB3.0 and a vandal switch. I just need to drill the holes so it looks more like factory.
I have cut the 360 Rad hole, Need to clean this up still.

I am planning on filling in the drive bay so its a continuous surface.

I am considering making the motherboard tray removable, but at the same time I am also considering 'welding' the rear I/O plate into the G5 case so it gives it a seamless look.

I am also considering how I will cut the window. My skills are pretty bad and cant seem to cut the case straight.
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I hit a jackpot on Craigslist a few weeks ago... two G5 cases for $40. These things are really nice. Mine's got some external scrapes, so I'm going to sandblast it to smooth it out. Still planning for other parts of it as I don't currently have a budget for the guts. The side panel is solid aluminum. I'll be cutting mine on my CNC machine when I get my hands on a proper cutter for the job. I'm going to cut a window opening with a small step on the inside. The window itself will be cut from acrylic with a matching flange on the inside, so it sets into place and has a good spot to mount. The window panel will stick out from the side of the case by 0.020" and have a slight bevel around the edge for a super clean look.

Looking forward to pictures of yours as you're blazing a trail ahead of me.
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