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Wow that is pretty good. Do they work? I picked mine up for about $50AUD pretty hard to come by in my state, or at least they were.

Yeah, What you have mentioned with the side panel is basically what I want to do. I am thinking of maybe getting it laser cut. and just using tape to attach the acrylic to the back. I wanted to do it exactly how you are but I thought it would cost a bit of money to get get someone to do it for me.

I bet you will finish it way before I do, I have only just started and I got the case about 9 months ago. hahaha.
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None of mine work. One has been gutted out already, the other still had some crapple guts that needed to be ripped out. The previous owner had the same idea but didn't get very far and decided to bail on the project. It'll probably be quite a while before I get going on them anyway. I've got Rinzler, my case mod, in process right now with plenty more to make for it, and it'll be quite a while before I find the guts to put into the G5's.

Cool thing is with the reverse ATX mount style, we get to show off our fancy GPU's!
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Yeah, I am going to re-use my current rig. Can not afford a new one. Kinda wish I got a clear GPU block now.
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Ok, So I started to get it all working, however I ran into an issue. I had it all ready to drill out an make it look 'stock', but then the joints gave way and the new I/O broke off. If you can see on the first picture near my fingers, I managed to drill the holes on one side, however the other side is where it broke.

What I was doing was using a piece of the case as a guide for the holes. I think What I will need to do is use on on the top and bottom. The second picture has it fixed to the bottom where I was seeing if I could bend it back and fix it (as only a little bit broke off) but in trying to fix it I made it worse.

I was just using JB weld to adhere it. Is there anything better that you might recommend?

Its a little disappointing as it was starting to look alright. But I guess as this is the first time I have done anything like this I should expect it.

After this I am not going to try get the motherboard tray back to look as if it were 'Stock' in the case.
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Thanks, there is a small butane torch at my local hardware shop and the sell the rods, cheapest I can find is $10 for a 2pc pack. Just not sure how safe it is with my 'workshop' which is basically nothing. I would just place it on the ground and work on the ground. Will have to check it out when I get a chance.
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Yes, use the ground, preferably concrete, non-flammable surface away from flammable stuff. Might look into the butane torch though and make sure it can hit the melting temperature of those rods... 730 degrees F.
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