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Hey, fellas. I'm building a new haswell system to replace my crappy phenom II, and I've decided to try OC'ing this time.
I'm a veteran system builder, but I've never bothered with overclocking or non-stock heatsinks before. Unfortunately,
it doesn't look like my current case has good enough air flow for oc'ing, as there is only 1 80 mm rear exhaust, 1 80 mm front exhaust, and no openings to add any additional fans. This is the case I'm actually using :

I wanted to get a decent 4.3-4.5 ghz OC at least on my 4670k. Will it be possible to do that with this case? Will any of the monster heat sinks fit, maybe with the side panel off? The PSU sits at the top, above the cpu, and there's no way I can mount a radiator, so h100i is out of the question, unless I buy a new case, which I may need to if there's no other choice. Are the big heatsink towers like Noctua & Silverarrow unable to do the job properly in a case like mine even with the side panel off? If I must get a new case, what has nice cooling and is the biggest bang for my buck? I just want to get a nice stable OC at 4.3-45 with either a mega hsf or closed loop cooling, but I'm at a lost as to what would be my best course of action. I would much appreciate any advice.