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Roccat Kone pure optical ergonomic question

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First off, hey ive been following the mice threads in here a lot and finally decided to make an account to talk to you guys smile.gif

So I read that Roccat is releasing the kone pure with an flawless optical sensor. My question is, since i only had a savu and none of the kone versions,
what other mice can you compare the kone pure to?

By looking at pictures of it, the shape looks a bit like the shape of a sensei/taipan with a little bit of right handed ergonomics added to it. Im one of the people who dream of a sensei with an adns 3090 sensor, so do you think this mouse would fit me?

I use a mixed palm/fingertip grip btw so small mice arent that much of a problem.

PS. My english is not the best but i think and hope you know what i mean ^^
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Personally I've only tried the demo from computer store. But based from the experience I'd say that Kone Pure is a tiny bit smaller than Savu.

But I like the shape on Kone Pure better than Savu. Savu kind of flare out a little like this /___\ where as Kone Pure feels more like this )___( so it's a bit easier to lift it up. I'd say the easiest comparison would be kind of like a smaller G500 but less round.

I'm really tempted in buying one, it's one of the more comfortable mouse I've tried.
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The Kone Pure is much more similar to the Savu than the Sensei or Taipan. It's an ergonomic mouse like the G400 or Imperator. It's clearly made to be palmed. If you can fingertip the Savu, though, you'll be able to fingertip this one too.
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Kone Pure is not smaller than the savu, they are similar in size but I believe the pure is just a tiny big larger. It's definitely more ergonomic than the savu though, and much easier to grip/lift. The finish is much better imo (it's not rough like the savu it's a very smooth but grippy rubber coating), probably my favorite one in the industry right now.
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the kone pure is so small though :/ smaller than deathadder means its only palmable for women
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meh, as a person who hates g400, deathadder (2013 version is alright as it has rubber sides to grip the mouse) and savu for FPS games, I guess I'll pass on this and continue using Zowie FK. Hopefully the new CM storm ones are more interesting mad.gif
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Pure should be very very similar to G400 so I dunno what this fuss about it being small is about.
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Originally Posted by jayfkay View Post

the kone pure is so small though :/ smaller than deathadder means its only palmable for women

Good thing real men fingertip grip.

and it's not really like the g400 size wise, it's smaller, more like the grip of the g9x with the precision shell as far as size goes.
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The rear end of Kone Pure is roughly the same width as G400. G400 length is noticeably longer.

What's really going to effect people the most is the inner width as I believe the rear end extends out far enough for most hands, but DA is certainly larger in comparison.

I think the base design of the right side mold would make a really sick ambidextrous mouse. Ala Lua like~

Feels good in my left hand, minus right hand egro angle which slightly cramps me. Not as bad as Zowie AM though wink.gif
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I just hope it feels better than the Savu. I love everything about the Savu, except for the shape.
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