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Issues with Raid SAS and SCSI

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[NOTICE] Pictures of each step are in this link:


Hello everyone, I have acquired a Dell PowerEdge 2950. Image Here:


I was originally planning on building a gaming computer out of this, by adding parts, but upon the realization it couldn't be done i changed my plan. I decided on building a gaming PC with the valuable parts remaining. I Decided that the most valuable pieces of this were the HDDs. There 6 are 15,000 RPM HDDs(YES, FIFTEEN THOUSAND RPM). I plan on attempting to add the HDDs in raid(They were in Raid in the server) to this motherboard:


The problem is that the HDDs are not SATA, they are SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).
This motherboard only has SATA raid, so I decided to remove the SAS raid card from the Server.

So, I decided i could remove the board on which the SAS drives mount. (In the server, they were hot swap-able) I also removed the SAS RAID controller. I figure that I will need a mother board where I can more than one 24 pin connectors. The 20 pin connector on the board which the drives will mount to will connect to my motherboard. The two other cables attach to the RAID controller. I then planned on attaching the HDDs to the board. I would also attach the board to the motherboard.

I was just wondering if my plan was at all possible. If you have any suggestions of alternate motherboards (They must still be able to be fully functional motherboards for gaming) that would help. Or a way of having multiple 24 pin connector on this motherboard.. Also any advice on the PCI 8x vs PCI 16x connector would be nice. Would either of those work with my current motherboard, or any other you can find? I'm not sure if that is the size or the type or PCI. Over all would this even work at all? Would having an existing SATA raid controller built in on the motherboard cause any problems? Does my setup work? Will the SAS RAID controller work outside of its server? Could I get power from the power supply and not the motherboard with the 20 pin connector?

Thanks in Advance,

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After looking at the photos ,

1. the raid controller is dell perc5i (see the very long thread on perc5i on this forum)
2. biggest issue will be the backplane (connecting the hdd to the perc5i) due to the power connectors

use back the dell perc5i (with pinmod) , should work with ur intended motherboard (using a pcie x16 slot),
get 2 sets sff8484 to sff8482 cables to directly connect the hdd to the perc5i (u'll loose hot swap) .

Cable ref (u'll be able to find cheaper ones on the net/*bay etc) :

Good luck .
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