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I am using Acer 5755G with Intel Core i3-2350M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M and 2 GB DDR3. I am continuously suppling power to the laptop, thus I have no battery issues. I use Razer Game Booster that comes with its own power plan for Windows 7 64-bit. This plan is apparently good for gaming, so I want to use this plan with slight modifications (in the original plan, the screen never dims and display never goes off, I have set it to dim the screen in 5 mins and turn off display after 30 mins). However after a while the laptop always switches power plans back to Balanced and resets all changes made in Game Booster Plan to default (dumb thing mad.gif). How can I prevent this from happening? Since I am supplying all the power it needs and battery is always charged at 100%, I don't want to hold back on performance.