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Ok. I will definitely send it back for a replacement. I have the Glossy Black and my scroll wheel has no problems, just the right click. I like the look of the Frost but it was out of stock when I ordered and also more expense which I'm hoping to get a small refund on the Glossy Black as it is $5 cheaper now.
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My rightclick got mushy after a few months.
It was perfect out of the box, but after time it got to crap biggrin.gif

I had the exact same problem with kinzu v2 pro, right button, exact same problem.

Can't be arsed to buy a new sensei raw, or send it in since its working but not in imo the condition it should.
If store don't classify it as a problem it will cost so meh.
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Originally Posted by mint567 View Post

Does anyone have or have heard of a problem with the Sensei raw buttons being different? My left button has a nice crisp click and the right mouse button is mushy/squishy with a less crisp click. It is very noticeable. Besides that the mouse works fine. I'm just worried about the long term use of it. I bought it through Amazon so it shouldn't be hard to return it for a replacement currently.

the buttons on my glossy black sensei raw are crisp and provide an excellent feedback. the only reason i own the mouse is because i love the clicks on this mouse(i previously had a vanilla sensei that died on me).
not sure why Steelseries cant produce a sensei with a good optical sensor like the 3090.
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