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killing chips sounds like no good lol, expecially my soon to be 4770k.

i will have to do a bit more digging then, but at the moment i like the looks of the MSI one i linked. i'll be running on air, so i shouldn't be pushing voltage much. right now im looking at getting a hyper 212+ evo, because i've used it in the past. but i've thought about one of the corsair standalone liquid coolers (h50, h70, etc.) and if i wasn't getting a graphics card with the asus directCU II cooler, i might consider a water loop, but that is not in my budget for now, maybe in a year or 2.

this computer is my graduation present for college for me to run VMs on in windows 8 using hyper-v (comes built into win8 with unlimited VMs able to run in it) right now, im only going to use my 8gb of ram i have sitting on my desk leftover from a build i did a month ago (2400mhz cas 10) first upgrade, probably later in the summer is at least another 8gb memory